Strategic CSR Simulation
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K-Tai, Inc.

A Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
and Business Ethics Simulation

...Welcome to the Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Simulation, an online, experiential-based simulation that uses both quantitative and qualitative metrics to develop and assess responsible management.

In the simulation, participants adopt the role of the Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Officer (CREO) of K-Tai, Inc., a fictional smartphone company headquartered in California, but with a supply-chain that reaches around the world. In response to a wide range of challenges generated through five years of operations, the CREO manages a team of employees and shapes K-Tai, Inc.'s CSR and ethics policies with a view to maximizing value across the range of the firm’s stakeholders. In addition to managing an office and navigating among conflicting stakeholder demands (both internal and external), the CREO makes recommendations to K-Tai, Inc.’s senior executives in an attempt to influence corporate strategy.  

In balancing the constraints of an operating budget, stakeholder demands, and performance goals, the Strategic CSR Simulation replicates the complexity individuals and firms face in today's global business environment. In particular, the simulation reinforces the reality that CSR and business ethics are not abstract ideals, but integral aspects of every decision a for-profit firm makes in conducting day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

The Strategic CSR Simulation has been adopted in undergraduate and graduate programs at over 40 universities in 18 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

Faculty and student feedback...

“The part of the course that was most impactful in developing a deeper understanding of a strategic CSR perspective was the simulation. This is because we were immersed in a company culture where we implemented CSR into our core values and daily operations and management. When we came across obstacles, which were many and complex, we took on a strict CSR perspective to come up with solutions to most benefit our stakeholders.”

Undergraduate student (with permission)
School of Business, Trinity University
San Antonio, Texas

"The Strategic CSR simulation that we used in our capstone Strategic Management course highlighted the intended and unintended consequences of key business decisions and illustrated the art of balancing stakeholder interests. I found this to be incredibly eye-opening and I am convinced I will encounter these scenarios in my future career."

Undergraduate student (with permission)
School of Business, Hamline University
St. Paul, Minnesota

“We just finished the simulation. As a new user, I want to tell you that my students learned A GREAT DEAL. I want to congratulate you for creating this great teaching tool. I have used many simulations and this one is far ahead of all the others.”

Laura Illia, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Management, Economics, and Social Sciences
University of Fribourg, Switzerland

"The students loved the simulation - great participation and involvement, and a superb learning tool."

Gary Szczerbaniwicz, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Business
Conestoga College, Canada

"I have used the CSR simulation in university courses with both undergraduate and post-graduate students. Students consider the simulation a very worthwhile experience, they learn a lot from each other in the team discussions and most of all, it really challenges them to think outside of the dominant paradigm of prioritising financial goals."

Sally Curtis, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Research School of Management
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

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If you have any questsions or would like to schedule a demonstration, please contact either David Chandler ( at the University of Colorado Denver or Michael Hendron ( at Brigham Young University. 

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