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Welcome to the Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Simulation – an educational tool designed to enable the teaching of CSR and business ethics in classes that range from corporate strategy, to CSR and sustainability, to leadership, and across the business school functions.

The Strategic CSR Simulation is unique in several respects. First, it is one of the few online simulations to focus solely on a firm's corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethics performance. Second, it places the student in the role of an individual executive, but incorporates issues that affect the entire organization, which opens up possible applications in both micro and macro class settings. And, third, the simulation has been designed to complement one of Sage Publishing, Inc.'s best-selling business texts, Strategic CSR: Stakeholders in a Global Environment, allowing pairing of the simulation experience with a text where a text is used.

The Strategic CSR Simulation is particularly well-suited to business students as it presents a realistic context (characterized by everyday workplace constraints) in which students can experience the ethical complexity of the business environment. In addition, a flexible design allows instructors to customize the simulation to fit their courses and pedagogical goals.

If you are interested in adopting this simulation or would like to discuss how it can enrich student learning in your classes, please click on the button below to schedule a demonstration.

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