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About the authors

David Chandler

David Chandler is an Assistant Professor of Management and Co-Director of the Managing for Sustainability Program at the University of Colorado Denver. His broad area of research interest lies at the intersection of the organization and its environment. Theoretically, he is interested in explaining why organizations respond in different ways to the same environmental forces, as well as understanding the consequences of these different actions. Empirically, he is interested in studying these questions within the context of corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and firm/stakeholder relations. Related publications include the textbook Strategic CSR: Sustainable Value Creation (4th edition, Sage, 2017) and also a blog on topics related to CSR.  

Michael G. Hendron

Michael Hendron is an Associate Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Management Department at the BYU Marriott School. His areas of research and expertise include strategic decision-making processes, innovation, entrepreneurship, organizational change processes, business ethics, stakeholder management by corporations, and firm reputation. Mike teaches courses in strategic management, entrepreneurship, and general management, and uses simulations extensively in the classroom.  Mike has received both university recognition, as well as student recognition for his teaching excellence. Mike holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia. Prior to his academic work, Mike worked extensively in the computer software and hardware industry with the Japanese trading firm Kanematsu, with the strategy consulting firm Alliance Consulting, and also in his own independent consulting practice, Arcwise Consulting.


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