Strategic CSR Simulation
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Management and executive training

Welcome to the Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Simulation – an experiential learning tool designed to complement the work of the ethics and compliance departments by exposing employees to the range of CSR and ethics issues that arise across all aspects of operations and strategy implementation.

The Strategic CSR Simulation is a unique learning tool that places employees (either individually or in teams) in realistic, scenario-based situations. Faced by budgetary constraints, the employees manage a team of employees, while also trying to influence the executive suite in shaping firm responses to complex CSR and business ethics-related situations.

As such, the Strategic CSR Simulation provides an excellent experiential tool that can be used for executive education, corporate retreats, or broader managerial training. A flexible design allows instructors to customize the simulation to fit training and other learning goals, while an array of instructor materials aids in designing complementary participant projects.

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